How to write an Essay About Men Leadership?

Many people can agree that leadership carries great importance in our life. As a matter of fact, a great number of male students choose to write an essay about men leadership. The main goal of basic essay about men leadership is to distinguish what leadership is, what the specific features of women and men leadership are and find out different leadership styles.

Once again, as every other type of paper, the essay about men leadership should be perfectly structured, according to the rules, guidelines and requirements of essay basics. While writing an essay, choose one specific aspect of about men leadership. You should support your opinion with famous leaders quotes, facts or statistical data. It is crucial to do a really good thesis statement in the essay introduction and refer to it while writing a final essay part, the conclusion.

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What is Men Leadership?

First of all it is important to understand what leadership is. There are different meanings of it and every meaning has the right to exist. Leadership is a capability to lead a group of people, showing responsibility for every member of the team and to be the one who is always one step ahead of the others.

Leadership is an ability to influence people and persuade them that your opinion is the only one correct. A good leader sees only the best in people that surround him and understand what it takes to motivate these individuals. If a leader sees some negative influences, he analyzes what he can do to change that dynamic. Nowadays, there are numerous arguments that men are better leaders than women. Here are basic reasons why people think so:

  • Man as a leader is a real professional. He will never judge something without assessing the impact on the problems in the future, as it is often done by woman.
  • Man has both physical and mental strength to lead the way for the followers.
  • Man is not influenced by stress or emotions as much as woman.
  • Man strives to do everything in a perfect or superior way, and this is the criteria every leader should have.

Women are emotional. The change of the mood during the day may influence the decision making and commitment, but a true female leader knows about these unwanted influences, working out her own leadership rules. Men are considered to have better communication skill that is so important when you take leadership role.

Leadership Roles

  • It was determined historically that men should work and earn money (or food if we would talk about our ancestors).
  • Women had to stay at home, breed and educate children. Nevertheless, we leave in the era of feminism boom now.
  • Woman have obtained the same rights, playing various roles in the present society.
  • Nobody can say that this kind of changes in difference between men and women leadership does not carry an element of drama.
  • Women have changed a lot.
  • They have successfully incorporated being feminine and strong at the same time.
  • A hybrid of a man and a woman is being taken by the society in the most controversial ways.
  • Some people see this change is inevitable, and others as the most dramatic.
  • The best and the only way out of this situation is to let women what do what they really want to do and see how the situation balances out on its own.

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Variety of Opinions on Men and Women Leadership

There are different opinions towards men and women leadership. One says that there should be equality between men and women in leadership positions. Research from various countries suggests that the companies with a higher number of representation of women at the most senior levels deliver stronger organizational structure and high level of financial performance as well as better corporate governance. Moreover, the lack of women in leadership positions means that female talent is being underused, human capital wasted and the quality of appointments to the highest positions may be compromised.

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