How to write an application essay

Tutorial When the admission officer picks up an application the first thing he/she likes to read is the student’s essay. Essays can really be a significant tip factor in the final decision.

They can give the chance to talk about yourself and what about you is different from everyone else. Do you want to stand out from the crowd? If you are anxious about writing a perfect essay do not worry, we will help you. Read our pieces of advice and try your best in writing!

How to start?

An essay is something you can easily bring yourself into and let the admissions directors know who you are. Pick a topic you are the world’s leading expert. Everything influences our life: experience, what you are passionate about and what you are interested in.

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When to start?

Our advice is to start as early as possible because if you do it on the night before the essay might be passable but you do get slip-ups that you would not get if you had taken some time. So it is a good idea to start early.


To brainstorm.

Heighten your awareness of the idea that is uniquely you that would work in on the essay. In your own experience of the worldview, you can come up with some interesting ideas. You are talking about your own experience in a particular place.

To structure.

Structure matters. Keep in the back of your mind that there is an introduction, the body of the essay and the ending. Plum your depth about what you want to say. Once you have your idea down you have to match it to your personality then. Moreover, it is a good idea to have short clip remarks that bring a smile to the face.

To be honest.

This is something that is so important because in school often students write papers to satisfy their teacher, and they are fairly predictable. You have to say this is what I am about and this is what I want.

To provide details.

In order to set a scene think about the essay as telling the story supposing you are sitting around the campfire. You want your story to be the best story so you use a lot of literary techniques, you use dialogue, and then you have hooks in the story so people want to keep reading. Put that in your essay that is the way your essay becomes vivid. Another way is the verbs. Just look at the sentences you are constructing. Use more active verbs and you will be surprised how much better it gets.

To write it 500 words long.

You could go 600 or 650. But you cannot run on and you want to make sure on your first draft that you try to do this as much as you can. You may be going to a college counselor or may be seeing a writing coach. However, what you want to do is to have your ideas written by yourself. And then, after finishing the first draft that is the time to let people read it.
To proofread.

Ask people who know something about writing (teachers at school, for example) to read it over because they know what the people in the college admissions committees are looking for. They can flag things and that is what a professional can do. But sometimes an untutored person can give good advice, too.

To be caught up.

It happens to be YOUR thing when showing you are smart without being arrogant, showing your enthusiasm about something that may not capture the imagination of a lot of other people. The thing to remember about this is that you do not have to be that ordain class writer who is going to win a Pulitzer Prize. Forget it. Write about what makes you go and it will be bound to be a good essay.

To be provocative.

Do not be afraid to be a contrarian. And also take something from your family life. This thing is probably the easiest to do because when you are seventeen or eighteen you do not know a lot about saving babies from burning buildings or world travel fighting.

What to pay attention to?

Just be yourself. Many admissions officers say that the best essays are those where people were themselves. It is about how much of you you can put into the essay. Make the person remember you. Well written essay will definitely do a lot.