How to Write a Reflective Essay?

There are numerous types of essay writing styles. This rich variety is made up for a student to be able to learn to write in different styles. During the essay writing process, a student obtains necessary skills that include analytical skills and writing skills. An example of a reflective essay is a type of writing that focuses on expressing personal views, thoughts and feelings on a given subject or chosen topic.

The Goal of Reflective Essay

Understanding the goal of reflective essay carries essential importance. A goal of reflective essay is to be able to discuss what a student has already learned. Also, the goal of reflective essay lies in conveying and sharing a personal experience that led to the findings, insights and results. Besides the analytical part of example of reflective essays that has specific facts referring to the essay’s topic, it has a reflection part as well. The reflective essay writing is all about reflecting on your views, thoughts, feelings, sensations, experiences, etc.

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  • List of Learning Results
  • Do a brainstorm to determine what your reflective essay is going to focus on.
  • Write a reflective essay outline.
  • Identify and follow one chosen writing style.
  • Write a plan of reflective essay paper according to the requirements and guidelines.
  • Identify & write strong introduction that is 100% based on your primary statement.
  • Follow the reflective essay structure. You must recognize the essay body paragraphs that support introduction and lead to the conclusion.
  • Produce a strong conclusion.
  • Proofread the reflective essay.

The Writing Progress

Generally, the writing progress can be divided into two equal parts. These two parts introduce analytical pieces of writing. The first analytical part includes writing a description. The second analytical piece of writing implies writing a reflection. You can additionally explore free reflective essay.

Description implies writing the facts that describe an event or a particular experience. It includes the setting of the chosen scene. The actions that took place. There is a specific chronology. It may also describe people who participated in the event. The description must have facts only without having a reflection on personal thoughts, feelings or experience.

Reflection implies the ability to evaluate the experience that took place. It should include feelings, sensations, thoughts, etc. It should put emphasis on the particular topic that is reviewed in the reflective form of writing.

Expressing Yourself

  • Many students either like writing a reflective essay or dislike it.
  • Reflective essay writing is considered to be an essential goal for many educational programs.
  • Besides having great emphasis on developing analytical skills of a student, the reflective essay writing allows to explore and learn how to express yourself in a form of writing.
  • Also, explore free reflective essay examples.
  • As you may already know, the essay writing have strict rules, requirements and guidelines that must be followed.

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